The best multiplayer games on Android

Android is full of great multiplayer games to play online on its mobile or its tablet with unknown or friends. Here are the recommendations of writing, we have tried to vary the genres for content everyone.

Our smartphones tend to become more and more real consoles phones. With progress manufacturers at the screen, sound, performance and cooling system, it has become comfortable to play with her mobile. It is even now possible to be connect or there sign in a controller in Bluetooth to further improve experience.

In Asia, the mobile game has become a truly social phenomenon. This is by far the first Gateway to the video game in this region, before the PC and console. To answer this request, publishers we offer more and more games quality, to graphics stunning and gameplay innovative. And with the 4g (and soon the 5g) which allows US to be connected any where and any when, online games have particularly rating.

We are also quite fond of it at PhonAndroid, and that’s why we offer you our selection of the best multiplayer games. Given the amount of titles worth checking out, choices had to be made. Do not hesitate to complete our suggestions with your own proposals for multi games in the comments area.


Let’s start with a card game, signed Blizzard. Many have tried to dethrone the master (Shadowverse, Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links, Gwent, Krosmaga, Artifact or more recently Legends of Runeterra), but none have yet succeeded. Hearthstone has for many years struggled to evolve, but since additional resources have been granted in its development, the game benefits from many new features and has managed to rekindle the interest of players.

We find in the tavern the colorful universe and the characters of Warcraft. In early April 2020, Blizzard launched a small revolution by introducing a tenth class: the demon hunter. Since its inception, the title until then offered nine classes. Between Ranked Matches, the Arena, Showdowns, Seasonal Events or Adventures, there’s no shortage of content. Especially since a new extension disrupts the game every four months.

Hearthstone also hosts Blizzard’s “Autochess” mode, Battlegrounds, competing with TeamFight Tactics (TFT). Access to it is completely free and can therefore be discovered without investing anything in the game. The title is also generally more and more generous with the players, no need to reach out. -currency to get by. New players are offered a deck, and Blizzard regularly gives away Legendary cards. The rewards system (quests, ladder rank) has also been recently revised to better reward players.

In short, Hearthstone (formerly Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft) is the benchmark of the digital card game, even ahead of Magic Arena (only available on Windows and macOS). And to get you started, we explain in a tutorial how to earn gold on Hearthstone so that you can buy and open a ton of packages.


Riot games has become a pillar video game thanks to the success immeasurable of what was then its unique game: League of legends. After many years to rest on his chicken egg gold, the studio accelerated and announced the development of several games, including teamfight tactics, self battler came compete with the proposal of Dota. After a PC version which has great noise, TFT mobile has appeared on Android. Online to play in classified or in a private area with his friends, the principle is the same. You choose a hero, create your composition of champions trying to create synergies, and face monsters that let go of items and bonus when they are destroyed. You face then the other players (part in includes eight) by choosing the placement of your champions, then everything is automatic (there are so the one hand to random). The winner of a battle deals damage to his opponent. These steps repeat until it remains a player, recalling the principle disposal battle Royal.

If you play already on another platform, be aware that you can play on your smartphone with the same account maintaining your progress. TFT is crossplay, this is to say that you can play with your friends even if they are on another support as yours. To top all, it is possible to advance without pay, it’s foremost the skill (and sometimes the chance we must admit) which is here highlighted, not the money that invests. We appreciate also follow-up copy on the game, with updates very regular to change the meta and add features.


Its debut, the dimension multiplayer Pokémon go was enough disappointing. The title we grew certainly out with our friends to capture the creatures pocket, but on the inside of the game similarly, the content was poor to enjoy together. But after years update, the game developed by niantic greatly improved experience by adding new features. Friends can send you objects to help you in advance, you can do team with players your team (Red, Blue or yellow choice) to resume Arenas other teams and so earn rewards, you can participate in raids to face and capture powerful Pokémon (such as on the game switch sword and shield) and you can launch friendly games against your contacts for fun.

To as the updates, new generations of Pokemon are incorporated, the game is very popular and you n’aurez no trouble find companions with which play. Niantic even made changes to be able to enjoy Pokémon go without leaving home in this period containment, altering certainly experience original but allows new players to discover the game and former to continue to get fun.


Impossible to establish a folder on the best multiplayer games on Android without Quote fortnite. The battle Royal epic games has become a true cultural phenomenon and continues to cartonner despite a pace updates less supported as its output and new arrival competitors as call of duty or apex legends. The great originality of fortnite is the fact to be able to make constructions with raw materials collected. It can S Act of a bunker or a shield to protect a burst of shots, or a ramp to reach an area raised for example. This adds a dimension of gameplay very interesting fact of simply much more than just game shoot.

Its cartoonish vibe also helped make it popular. Otherwise, we find the elements that make up a Battle Royale: the player lands on a map, must find equipment (weapons, potions, shields, gadgets) and stay in the “zone”, which shrinks as and when the game in order to force the players to get closer to each other and take risks. The last survivor (out of 100 players) is declared the winner. Fortnite can be played alone, in pairs, or in teams of 3 or 4. It is a perfect game for spending time with friends.