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Deathloop: how does the PS5 game’s time loop work?

Arkhane Studios has just released a video explaining how the time loop works in Deathloop and how to use it to its advantage. Take notes!

For those of you who followed the State of Play on February 25, you were able to see some new gameplay for the French game Deathloop which will be released on PlayStation 5 on May 21. Many had already noticed that the gameplay was very reminiscent of the Dishonored franchise, and that’s normal since it’s the same studio behind those two games. The Lyon-based studio Arkane Studios has published an explanatory video, for those who don’t quite understand the game’s principle. It’s the opportunity to take notes before the release of the game!

To summarize the story, in Deathloop you play as Colt who wakes up on Blackreef Island every morning. You are stuck in a time loop and the only way to get out is to kill eight targets, who are called Visionaries. These eight targets are scattered all over the island and you must kill them all before midnight in order to break free from the time loop. The problem is that Julianna Blake will be there to stand in your way as she does not want the time loop to disappear.

In the video, it is explained that the repetitive temporality is a state of the game that should be taken as an asset rather than an obstacle. It’s obvious that you won’t be able to defeat all eight Visionaries on day one, and by accepting this fact, you can take advantage of what the time loop offers you. The more you learn about the targets, the more vital information you can learn that will change the way you organize yourself. Plus, with each loop, you keep the weapons and skills you learned in the previous loop, giving you an advantage over time. So, as the video indicates, in the game, “time is always on your side”.