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The best fighting games for Android and iOS (iPhone)

the best fighting games for android or

A historical category of mobile games, combat sports occupy a prominent place in the world of video games. If some historical titles like Street Fighter have definitely marked the genre, there are many others, some of them much less known.

We have made for you a small selection of games that will allow you to indulge in some interesting fights for free!

Our selection of free fighting games on the Play Store and AppStore

  • Stormblades
  • EA Sports UFC
  • Shadow Fight 3
  • Injustice 2
  • Marvel: Tournament of Champions


Stormblades is a duel sword fighting game. You play as a fighter who must collect relics and face enemies one after the other. Your hero goes from one opponent to another. He must then face them with his sword by countering their movements with a finger slide, by avoiding their charged attacks with a double tap or by leading the assault at the right time by following the indications on the screen. Between each enemy, it is possible to destroy some bowls to obtain resources that will allow you to improve your weapon between levels.

Stormblades is a game with a simple and very direct gameplay. Although there are resource and free-to-play mechanisms, the game is self-contained. Battles require both reflexes and agility, to change the direction of a blow for example. Finally, the weapon upgrade is a good idea to avoid repetition.

EA Sports UFC

If your biggest dream is to fight in an octagon then EA Sports UFC will be perfect for you. EA offers a streamlined and simplified version of their UFC license to bring to mobile. Choose your fighters from the 4 available categories and train them relentlessly to bring them to the top and win all the prizes. The handling is simple and intuitive which will please those who are not familiar with the genre, but with a more technical gameplay that offers dozens of possibilities for more experienced players.

The photo realism of this game and the quality of the 3d modeling make the experience even more interesting. EA Sports UFC is a very complete game often updated and maintained by the developers. The fights are pleasant and you will enjoy going back to the octagon. We can hope for new modes like a 1V1 multiplayer mode for example or a real career mode. Gameplay or content improvements are, of course, still possible, but the game is already excellent in its current state.

Shadow Fight 3

Shadow Fight is a well known license for all mobile fighting game fans. It mixes RPG and fighting in a Japanese universe. The third episode of the series arrives with a real novelty: the cards. From now on, you’ll have to find the right cards to build up your armor and weapons. There are countless weapons and armors available; combine them with the different fighting styles and find the right technique for you. In addition, there are many abilities and bonuses available in-game which only make the fighting that Shadow Fight is known for more interesting. The game is beautifully realized and surprisingly realistic, especially for a mobile game. Several modes are available such as a single player mode, with a scenario or a training mode to perfect your moves. Despite all these qualities, which put it on the front of the scene, the game is very difficult and some bosses could take you a long time. This problem is more a desire to see people buy paid upgrades than a real lack of balancing.

Still, Shadow fight 3 is a great game, with fun fights, a lot of room for improvement for the player and breathtaking graphics for such a small screen.

Injustice 2

Warner Bros is finally bringing Injustice 2 to mobile. After a critically acclaimed console version, Injustice 2 is coming to mobile. And the mobile version offers just as much content, totally free. Play as your favorite DC Comics heroes and villains and dive into the story mode. Learn to master combos and different fighting techniques to defeat your opponents. You’ll also be able to customize your characters, both physically and in terms of their abilities. Form your team and face a whole panel of emblematic characters in 3 on 3 fights. It will not be a surprise to say that the game is of exceptional graphic quality and makes it even more pleasant to have in hand. You will be able to enjoy quality cinematics.

The gameplay and handling are quite intuitive, but complex enough to make the combat system interesting and technical for players who want to take a more precise approach. Despite the extensive character catalog, we regret the absence of some emblematic characters, present in the console version, that any fan would have enjoyed playing.

Marvel: Tournament of Champions

Traditionally, fighting games are mainly played on consoles or arcade terminals, preferably with a stick. However, with Marvel: Tournament of Champions, Marvel has managed to bring the genre to mobiles in a very nice way. Of course, there is no question of quarter circles or real combos here. The combat works with simple mechanics. All you have to do is press, drag or press on either side of the screen to perform certain actions. For example, pressing the left side will parry your opponent’s moves. By sliding to the right, you launch a charge at distance against the other fighter. Gradually, you unlock different characters from the Marvel universe and can face other players in the world.

Marvel has done a good job of transcribing the strategy and gameplay of a fighting game on a smartphone. The combat phases are particularly pleasant. However, we regret that the interface can be a bit complex at first.