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Android : the best free applications

Useful, fun or even surprising, free Android applications are very varied and allow you to do almost everything. The editors of Tom’s Guide have tested hundreds of free applications for Android and offer you a selection of the best.

While Android, Google’s operating system, is the most widely used in the world today, the number of applications available in the Google Play Store is increasing every day. There are now more than one million applications available. Whether it’s games like PUBG Mobile, Data Wing, Pok√©mon Go or Hearthstone, system applications like ES Explorer, media players like Player FM or VLC, the applications available in Google’s online store are many and varied and it becomes difficult to choose.

Among the most popular applications, there are of course mobile versions of websites like Evernote or Netflix, but also applications that take full advantage of mobility. This is the case, for example, of Snapchat’s Swiftkey keyboard or the Alarmy alarm clock. Whether it’s games, social networks, keyboards or file managers, the editors of Tom’s Guide have selected 50 of the best free Android apps for you.

DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser

At a time when browsing the Internet is becoming increasingly scary for the security of your personal data, DuckDuckGo offers a search engine that you can use safely. DuckDuckGo allows you to increase the protection of your data through encryption, make private searches or decode privacy policies. On every site DuckDuckGo displays a privacy grade from A to F to let you know how well your personal data is protected. It works just like a normal browser, so you won’t feel out of place. You’ll find all the features that make Google a must-have search engine, but without compromising your personal data.

Verdict: Those who want to protect their data will be happy with DuckDuckGo (also available on Windows). It secures your information while offering the convenience of a classic search engine.


Ted Talk is a series of conferences where speakers from around the world are invited to share their ideas on a topic. No matter what topic you’re thinking about, there’s bound to be a Ted talk on it. Enjoy all the talks for free and with full subtitles in over 100 languages. If you’re looking for interesting and/or entertaining content for your commute to work, this is the app for you. You can download the videos to access them at any time, even offline. Moreover, the mobile application, regularly improved, offers you personalized recommendations, adapted to your interests.

Verdict: Ted is an excellent tool for anyone who wants to deepen their knowledge, whatever the subject. Its porting to a mobile application allows you to take advantage of it in all circumstances.

SoloLearn : Learn to Code for Free

Have you always wanted to learn to code but didn’t know where to start? SoloLearn is for you. Get dozens of free courses on most programming languages from Python to JavaScript to SQL. You’ll be able to write code directly on your mobile and enjoy fun exercises that will train you to become a better developer.

The community of developers that accompanies SoloLearn can provide you with help and advice. However, the courses are not yet available in French, so you need to have a sufficient level of English to be able to understand the different courses offered.

Verdict: SoloLearn is a great tool for anyone who wants to learn to code with courses adapted to their level, simple and fun. Moreover, the mobile platform allows you to practice anywhere and anytime. If you were afraid to learn a programming language, you should not hesitate anymore.


Developed by three French students and already claiming several million followers, Yuka is a free application that is about to revolutionize consumption. Completely independent from food companies, it relies on open databases to reveal the nutritional composition of products whose barcode is submitted. In concrete terms, you “photograph” in one second your yoghurts, sauces or ready meals to discover detailed information, easily accessible, and above all a global score that summarizes the quality of the product.

Scored out of 100, this score reveals the nutritional quality of a product, but also the possible presence of risky additives and the use of an organic label. More recently, Yuka has expanded to cosmetics with the Open Beauty Facts database and healthier alternatives are systematically proposed in case of a poor score.

Verdict: Definitely indispensable, Yuka revolutionizes the way we consume. Its user-friendly interface, its simple and fun principle and especially its wise advice reveal the dark side of the products that haunt our supermarkets and allow you, in record time, to separate the good from the bad. To try it is to adopt it.